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He told the Charlotte Observer that dating Khloe gave NBA teams a reason to doubt his commitment.“Without that situation in play, I’m a -70 million player,” Mc Cants said. He had interest from a few other NBA teams over the next year, but nothing worked out.That was back when she was just a young witch, barely sliding by in potions and purposefully failing defense against the dark arts (this is a race joke). Let me take another journey, damn.” Or something) I want to hate the Kardashians, but at this point, they’re just too good at what they do.Since discovering the full reach of her ability, she’s left men incapable of playing defense (Harden), addicted to crack (Odom), and relegated to playing in the Philippines Venezuela (Mc Cants, obvi. You know how we often look back on Jeter, Leo, and Clooney’s lists of ex-girlfriends and just gape in awe?But Mc Cants’ biggest regret was his highly-publicized relationship with reality TV star Khloe Kardashian late in his career, which he said gave people an opportunity to doubt his commitment to the NBA.“Without that situation in play, I’m a -70 million player,” Mc Cants said. To be fair while his time with “Ko Ko” is his biggest regret, Mc Cants also told The Observer that he was blackballed by UNC Coach Roy Williams after he alleged that he was kept eligible for sports through fake classes and minimal attendance at UNC and Williams was well aware of it.In his final season at UNC, Rashad Mc Cants led the Tarheels to a NCAA title.A few months later, the Minnesota Timberwolves made him the 14th overall pick in the NBA Draft.

This loser Rashad Mc Cants can whine all he wants but he fell victim to Khloe’s sorcery long before she even knew the extent of her powers.Mc Cants became known for helping North Carolina win the national championship while teaming up with fellow prized recruits Sean May, David Noel and Raymond Felton. 14 overall by the Timberwolves in 2005 and played with Minnesota through 2009.Mc Cants began dating Khloe Kardashian in the fall of 2009, and he says that’s where his career went off the rails.In fact, one NBA star recently said his play took off once he stopped dating Khloe.But to act like Khloe is the reason why Mc Cants is out of the NBA is absurd.

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Easily.”The paper notes that dating Kardashian "gave people an opportunity to doubt his commitment to the NBA." Maybe, but Mc Cants is looking a little too hard to find the person responsible for his flameout.

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